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The fast-changing nature of this technological era and growth responsibilities can often lead to misalignment with our inner selves. When we lose touch with our inner beings we lose the sense of joy and fulfillment and life loses its meaning and charm. This academy's mission is to inspire, nurture, and support authentic, passion-driven personal growth experiences at home, at work, at play.
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Nomna Academy

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Nomna, what does the name mean?

Mna means 'ME' / 'MYSELF'/ 'I' with a Xhosa prefix "No" used to symbolise femininity [Nomna]

"It's my middle name given to me at birth. I'm the ONLY Nomna I know. My name has inspired how I live my life and show up to the world. My life is about celebrating my uniqueness, loving myself and living a full life of purpose. I believe that AUTHENTICITY and SELF-LOVE are the foundations which BIRTH and FUEL our PASSION, CREATIVITY and IMPACT." - Ncumisa Nomna Mbusi

Step into the unknown with Confidence


Its amazing how often you get asked this question. Next time you answer, share your story AUTHENTICALLY and feel your soul sing! WHY ARE YOU HERE? Invest in making your life legacy FULFILLING, SUSTAINABLE and uniquely YOU. My soul purpose is to inspire, nurture and support your authentic passion-fuelled life experiences at home, at work, at play." - Ncumisa Nomna Mbusi
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Growth Programs

Our combination of practical toolkits, frameworks and templates, live sessions, interactive events, and peer-to-peer conversations will help you ALIGN YOUR LIFE goals with your values, passion, skills, and actions to take in bringing your LEGACY to life.